To The School of Light.

Where KNOWLEDGE begins and IGNORANCE ends.

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To awaken, educate, illuminate and heal using education and training as tools.


A world peopled by mostly enlightened and illuminated people led by The Truth.


To rid this world of mental and spiritual ignorance so we may finally live in peace. 

Designed to provide life saving solutions to life's greatest challenges.

Ecourses, webinars, workshops and coaching to help you become more aware so you can meet the challenges of life more intelligently.
Solar Avatar who is awake and aware who holds the keys to unlocking the divine female archetype she brings that power  to help support this mission.


Solar Avatar who is awake, aware and holds the keys for unlocking the mysteries that allows one to fully awaken. He is a phoenix embodiment who brings the power of transformation to transform people's lives.


Benefits of our courses.

Mental Development

The Mind is the most complex component of all lives and is the  part of all of us that needs the most work. We offer self guided courses that help regain command of the mind so it can be healed.

Physical Development

The body is the temple of the spirit and when it becomes ill it affects the spirit/soul. Our courses offer lessons designed to help you take command of your body so it can be healed.

Spiritual Development

Spiritual health is the most important mission in life bar none and when ignored leads to tragedies in this life and the next. Our courses offer lessons to help you reclaim your spirit so it can be healed. 

Current Courses

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